Shielded doors and windows

Shield - and still connect

The brighter and friendlier a shelter room is, the more pleasant it is for the people who spend time in it. That’s why we offer fully glazed hf-screened doors and windows that let plenty of light into the room, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Hinged doors - opaque or full glass

The all-glass swing doors with RF shielding bring light into any MRI room. They can be installed in new booths or in existing systems from other RF booth manufacturers.

Mechanical sliding doors - opaque or full glass

Our mechanical all-glass sliding doors with HF shielding are a real bright spot - also in terms of design and functionality. Among other things, they have a security door lock that can also be opened from the inside.

Electric sliding doors - opaque or full glass

Our electric all-glass sliding doors with RF shielding make any MRI room look bigger and friendlier. The non-contact system for opening the door is a real labour-saver.

HF screen window - without moiré effect

Thanks to a special selection and placement of the RF fabric, our windows provide staff with an undistorted view of the MRI room. In addition, they have optimum sound insulation and are also available with an opening mechanism on request.